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Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga recorded by the sage Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, an ancient manuscript “said to contain lists of many different groupings of asanas, as well as highly original teachings on vinyasa, drishti, bandhas, mudras, and philosophy”
It is my particular favorite style of yoga and after trying many different styles I keep coming back to this one.
Ashtanga yoga literally means “eight-limbed yoga,” as was outlined by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. According to Patanjali, the path of internal purification for revealing the Universal Self consists of the eight spiritual practices which consist of:

Yama [moral codes] Niyama [self-purification and study] Asana [posture] Pranayama [breath control] Pratyahara [sense control] Dharana [concentration] Dhyana [meditation] Samadhi [absorption into the Universal]Ashtanga Yoga photo

Ashtanga is a very intense and energetic physical experience, where breath and flow are combined in a dance of perfection. The result is internal heat created by the mudras (body locks) used in the sequences and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.
I recommend you have some level of strength, fitness or yoga background as it’s a vigorous practice–but I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone interested in yoga.


  • Practice Ashtanga Yoga DVD With David SwensonYoga Short Forms: The Practice of Ashtanga Yoga
    What I like about David Swenson DVDs and books is that he always gives you a choice of time guided practices. This DVD has three choices of quick but challenging programs; 15 min., 30 min., and 45 min. practices with a 10 min. relaxation at the end. It’s perfect for intermediate to advanced levels and will help you build rhythm, flow, and grace. If you want a great workout in a very short amount of time I highly recommend this one..


  • Ashtanga Yoga: Advanced A & B Series by David SwensenAshtanga Yoga: Advanced A & B Series by David Swensen
    Exquisite is all I can say. Filmed in Maui and set to music this is an amazing feast for the eyes and soul. David will take you through the original Advanced A and B Series as demonstrated by some of it’s first Western practitioners. It is not an instructional dvd, but will show you what you can accomplish with much dedication and discipline. Everyone in the dvd is over 50 years old and look amazing–sure inspires you to stay with your practice!


  • David Swenson Just Relax DVD Just Relax by David Swenson
    Filmed entirely in Maui, how can it do anything but calm the body and mind? David guides you through routine of conscious breathing, calming stretches and ends with a deep relaxation which does wonders for your state of mind and melts away any tensions. A DVD like this one is a great addition to any library, and a perfect way to unwind before bed or on a lazy Sunday morning. Your body will love you for it!
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