Beginners & Beyond: Yoga for Weight Loss

Good: It’s a good value, containing multiple routines with varying intensity levels on one disc to keep your exercise routine varied and challenging.
Bad: Some routines require weights and resistance bands, which means a slight added cost to fully utilize the DVD.
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Yoga for Weight Loss

This DVD is great for beginners as well as more experienced yogis who want to use their practice to get fit and toned. Instructor Maggie Rhoades specializes in alignment and posture, while her Pilates experience boosts the workout aspects of her teachings.

Basics & Weight Loss

The beginning routines give you a good foundation in alignment before moving on to the more challenging sections. The workouts using weights and a resistance band are what really set the DVD apart. Most yoga classes don’t incorporate weights, so this portion can be challenging even for more experienced yogis.

The wide variety of routines allows you to find something you can do everyday. It includes a total of 8 hours of yoga! Some material is repeated, but overall there’s enough variety to really use this DVD as a regular exercise routine. To get the most out of it, you’ll also want to buy a resistance band and a set of 1lb. weights to start out with.

Does it really work?

This DVD gets very positive reviews overall–more than half of all Amazon reviewers give it 5 stars. But does it really work for weight loss? Jason reports:

“Not only have I lost some weight and am closer to touching my toes easily, but I have really toned up from this DVD. I would have called this DVD, ‘Yoga for Getting in Shape.’ Highly recommended.”

The few who critique this program say that the workout is too difficult for people brand-new to yoga, or for those who are overweight. It’s true that some routines require balance and flexibility. Yet the DVD menu gives helpful instructions about how to get the most from the entire program. It’s recommended to master the beginning routines before attempting the others. But if you can stick with it, you will definitely get more toned from these workouts.

DVD Contents: There are a total of ­­12 routines, plus 2 short preliminary sessions for posture instruction.

Getting Started: Beginning Routines

  • Sun Salutations w/ Chair-6 mins.
  • Basic Seated Poses -9 mins.
  • Getting Started- 30 mins.
  • Fundamentals- 20 mins.
  • Fundamentals & Beyond-50 mins.

As You Progress: More Challenging Routines

  • Let it Flow: Arms & Legs Focus- 35 mins.
  • Full Body Flow- 45 mins.
  • Focus on Legs- 50 mins.

Routines with Weights and Resistance Bands

  • Sun Salutation Warm-Up with Weights- 20 mins.
  • Sun Salutation Warm-Up with Resistance Band- 30 mins,
  • Total Weights Practice- 30 mins.
  • Arm Focus with Weights- 25 mins.
  • Arms & Legs Focus with Weights- 60 mins.
  • Total Challenge with Weights & Resistance Band- 70 mins.


Conclusion: One thing is for sure–this DVD can help you get in shape! It builds upon basic yoga knowledge to create a challenging and varied workout, even for experienced yogis and yoginis.

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Sarah Baldwin

Sarah is a writer based out of Southern Indiana who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. With a focus on natural wellness, she adores writing about all things healthy and whole. Her herbalism blog, Moonflower Musings, can be found at

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