Beginning Yoga with Chrissy Carter

Good: This routine gives a solid foundation for brand-new yogis, providing excellent instruction as well as encouragement.
Bad: May move a bit too fast for some older people new to yoga; some might prefer a beginner's program focused more on relaxation and less on working out.
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With 10 years of experience teaching yoga, Chrissy Carter is a well-known yogini who conducts classes and teacher trainings at Yoga Works in New York. She specializes in demystifying poses and yoga philosophy for beginners.

Rave Reviews

About 80% of Amazon reviewers give this DVD a 5-star rating. That’s one happy audience! Brian says:

“This DVD is PERFECT for anyone interested in beginning a yoga practice…Chrissy’s thoughtful practices are lead with clear, concise instructions making yoga accessible to anyone – regardless of experience level.”

As a nice bonus, the DVD includes three routines that can be done alone or together, so that you can always fit some yoga into your day. Katie W. reports:

“Having 3 workouts provides stepping stones for mastering the poses as well as variety. I LOVE this product. If you’re new to yoga or are somewhat inflexible–this is the workout for you!”

A Solid Introduction

“Many people are intimidated to go to their first class because they are unfamiliar with yoga,” says Chrissy Carter. She has designed these sequences to boost your coordination and strength, so that you begin to feel comfortable enough to practice with others. The names of the poses appear on the screen in both English and Sanskrit to help you learn yoga terminology.

Overall, Chrissy does a wonderful job at introducing yoga to beginners. She gives good alignment tips and provides encouragement during tough poses. In fact, this DVD would make a great gift for a friend or family member who is new to yoga. Reviewers report that this video gives them the confidence to join a class and start practicing in public.

For a sample of the exceptional production value and lovely scenery that await you in this DVD, check out the preview below:

A Real Workout

The only complaints about this program come from older people who are practicing for the first time. Karen says:

“As a beginner and older practitioner, I found Carter moving a bit too quickly for me…It is excellently done and presented, but it will be put away for a while until I am more experienced.”

If you fall into this category, you might want to take a look at Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga for the Rest of Us” series, or even a Chair Yoga DVD. Chrissy’s practice is for people who want to learn poses and alignment while also getting stronger. It’s more of a workout than a relaxation session like Colleen Saidman’s Yoga for Weight Loss DVD. The sequences manage to be challenging and are designed to condition the body to make a deeper yoga practice possible.

best yoga DVD for beginners

Lush scenery accompanies each of Chrissy Carter’s beginning yoga routines.

DVD Contents:

  • Connect (20 mins.) -Focuses on linking breath to movement with fundamental yoga poses.
  • Energize (20 mins.) -Introduces Sun Salutations and other sequences to energize and detoxify the body.
  • Strengthen (20 mins.) -Helps you build the strength necessary to achieve more challenging poses.

Conclusion: This DVD is a great choice for most beginners, especially if you want to prepare before heading to your first class. It’s an upbeat practice that focuses on teaching the poses rather than deep relaxation.

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Sarah Baldwin

Sarah is a writer based out of Southern Indiana who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. With a focus on natural wellness, she adores writing about all things healthy and whole. Her herbalism blog, Moonflower Musings, can be found at

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