Best New Yoga DVDs editors evaluated over 80 new DVDs released in 2012 to put together our annual list of the year’s best new releases. Each DVD was evaluated according to production value, workout quality, and industry innovation. With more and more people looking to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of Yoga at home, established production houses such as Gaiam and Element continue to raise the bar on production value. Equally exciting, 2012 saw several newer players offering clever adaptations of yoga routines to help make yoga accessible to an even greater audience, including children and the elderly.

Without further ado, here are’s Best Yoga DVDs of 2012:


BEST OVERALL: The Ultimate Yogi by Travis Eliot

$100 on

Calling The Ultimate Yogi a “Yoga DVD” seems a little like calling Mt. Everest a hill: it doesn’t even begin to capture the ambitions of this program, which may completely change your mind about Yoga, and more importantly, about what you are capable of. 12 Yoga routines, a Nutrition Plan, Training Guide, and Exercise Calendar combine to turn The Ultimate Yogi not into something you merely watch, but into something you live. If you can stick with the program for the full 108 days, you’ll be amazed at the results you achieve. Read our full review…


BEST YOGA DVD FOR KIDS: Once Upon a Mat by Namaste Kid

$15 on

Yoga DVD for kidsOnce Upon a Mat is a production that makes you feel proud to be a yogi. In the crowded and somewhat formulaic children’s programming space, here is a relatively new player with the courage to put forth something completely different. You won’t find larger-than-life purple dinosaurs here, nor even much at all in the way of visual (over-)stimulation. There is no bubble gum-sweet soundtrack scientifically engineered to stick in your head. In fact, there is very little to keep kids entranced by the Electronic Babysitter. And that, of course, is the whole idea: Once Upon a Mat encourages — no, even requires — your child to use their imagination to follow along with the story being expertly woven by instructor Jessie Forston. And at the same time the story encourages them to use their bodies, to stretch and reach and begin to discover what Yoga means without needing to know even one bit about what it is. Read our full review…

BEST VALUE: This is Yoga 4 DVD Set by Tara Stiles

$20 on

Now this is Yoga!

Tara StilesThis is Yoga collection contains not one but FOUR all new releases. What is most remarkable, however, is that you can get such a comprehensive collection of Yoga workouts for less than $5 per DVD. That’s right, an entire Yoga DVD library in your own home for the price of one measly Andrew Jackson. And even if you never buy another yoga DVD, you could certainly do worse than exercising with Stiles’ productions. In a welcome departure from the typical Hawaiian landscape producers seem so fond of, this set features locations as diverse and appealing as Joshua Tree National Park, urban Los Angeles at sunset, and umm, Tara Stiles’ bed. In addition to a well-balanced daily Yoga routine, the set includes AM and PM workouts, a beginners Yoga DVD, and a pose library offering tips and pointers for the poses you will encounter in the rest of the series. Read our full review…


BEST YOGA DVD FOR BEGINNERS: Easy Yoga for Easing Pain by Peggy Cappy

$15 on

Easy Yoga for Easing Pain DVD

Peggy Cappy is a specialist in making Yoga accessible to folks who might not consider themselves “Yogi material”.

OK, so we cheated a little on this one. Easy Yoga for Easing Pain is a bit more narrowly focused than the typical Yoga DVD for beginners, though its routines are certainly beginner-friendly. Though the young, flexible, and fit beginner may find the routines too slow, others — including elderly, overweight or inflexible folks — will appreciate Cappy’s gentle pacing and routines that make it easy to feel good about what you’re doing for your body. It’s a combination that has allowed many people to experience the benefits of Yoga for the first time. Read our full review…


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