Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD Review

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I didn’t expect a whole lot from this DVD when I popped it in.

Honestly, I’ve never seen the TV Show The Biggest Loser, so I didn’t have any context for what I’d find when the DVD started up and got me sweating. However, I was pleasantly surprised when things got moving.

Here’s what I liked about The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD:

  • Bob the Instructor
  • Bob has to be one of the lowest key yoga instructors you’ll ever encounter. He has basically zero pretense in the way he leads you through the postures. His Southern accent was disarming–I haven’t had much experience doing yoga under the watchful twang of a Southern accent before. But I liked it. He pushes you without calling too much attention to himself.

  • The Participants
  • This is probably the thing I liked most about this DVD. The people who take part in the class Bob leads are all totally normal people. They aren’t experienced yogis by any stretch. The fact that they’re falling out of postures and grimacing as they struggle to keep up makes it extremely easy to keep at it when things get challenging. Because if those totally normal-looking people can stick it out and make it through this workout, then so can you or I.

  • The Workout
  • There’s nothing special about the yoga series taught in the different sections of this DVD. They’re fairly standard, but they work. I particularly liked the Yoga/Pilates Abs workout, which is the second of three series taught by Bob on this DVD. I definitely got a strong ab workout following along with Bob’s instructions during that one. And I liked it.

  • The Customizability
  • There are three different preset ways you can work with this DVD depending on your current level of fitness and yoga familiarity. The first level is a nice 35-minute workout with a warmup, cool-down and standard yoga series with mostly standing and some seated postures. Each of the next levels adds another yoga series into the mix.

    But you can watch the DVD whatever way you feel. The different workouts are designed modularly, so you can jump right in wherever you want and follow along.

I should state that this is by no means a traditional yoga class. If you’re a yoga purist, this isn’t the DVD for you (but you probably already knew that just by its title).

However, if you’re new to yoga, this is a fantastic and very nonthreatening introduction to yoga. Let The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD be your introduction to yoga, and get ready to burn some fat!

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