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The Athlete's Guide to Yoga DVD

The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga

This DVD by Sage Roundtree provides an adaptable introduction to yoga for athletes of all backgrounds. Ms. Roundtree emphasizes sport-specific challenges and tightness so athletes from different sports can receive targeted benefit from the yoga postures. You can go... Read More »

Ashtanga Yoga: Advanced A & B Series by David Swensen

Ashtanga Yoga: Advanced A & B Series by David Swensen

The advanced yoga practices of Ashtanga A & B are certainly not for everyone, you need to be fit and strong and relatively flexible to even attempt some of the asanas. This dvd is less instructional and more of... Read More »

Baron Baptiste Live!

Baron Baptiste: Unlocking Athletic Power – Power Vinyasa Yoga Live!

If you can’t tell by now, I’ll say it here; Baron is straight-up one of my favorite teachers out there. Especially if you are not a beginner and are ready to push yourself in a serious workout. This DVD is the... Read More »

Yoga for Athletes DVD

Yoga for Athletes

Barbara Benagh guides you through this Yoga Journal Editor’s Choice award winning DVD. There’s lots of variety here whether you are full-on in your normal training regimen and just want a little flexibility work or if you’re really looking... Read More »

Yoga for Athletes photo

Roundup: Yoga for Athletes DVDs

No matter your sport of choice, yoga makes an excellent addition to any training regimen. The main benefit most athletes enjoy is a reduction of the threat of injury. Since yoga strengthens and enhances flexibility at the same time,... Read More »

yoga for weight loss photo

Roundup: Yoga DVDs for Weight Loss

Yoga is a fantastic–and can be gentle–way to shed pounds and get fit. While Yoga isn’t traditionally associated with more ferocious calorie burning activities like aerobics, spinning or kickboxing, the gentle and low-impact nature of yoga combines extremely well... Read More »

Chair Yoga DVDs

A good friend of mine teaches chair yoga in Seattle, and I’ve come to really appreciate the beauty and importance of chair yoga. I haven’t personally tried any of these chair yoga DVDs, but I did want to share... Read More »

Yoga for Kids DVDs

I’m not a kid, and I don’t currently have any children, so all I can do here is share with you some of the more popular kids yoga DVDs that are out there. I have taken my seven year... Read More »

Prenatal Yoga DVDs

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Pregnancy Yoga DVDs

Pregnancy present plenty of new opportunities and challenges for expecting mothers, but yoga can still form part of every pregnant mother’s health routine. There are, as with every category of yoga, plenty of DVD resources out there. These are... Read More »

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