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Amber Campion’s Yogaeira Review

Amber Campion’s Yogaeira Review

What is Yogaeira? Created by Amber Campion, Yogaeira is a blend of Vinyasa yoga, Thai bodywork, and Capoeira–a Brazilian martial art that is making its way across the globe as a fitness regime and performance art. This unique combination... Read More »

Colleen Saidman’s Yoga for Weight Loss

Colleen Saidman’s Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss is a well-balanced program crafted by Colleen Saidman, an experienced yogini who runs Yoga Shanti studio in Sag Harbor, New York. She is married to Rodney Yee, a well-known yoga instructor who has also developed... Read More »

Element Yoga for Energy and Relaxation DVD

Element: Yoga Energy and Relax

If you like a dose of beautiful scenery, a soothing soundtrack, and high quality cinematography accompanying your yoga workouts, then you pretty much have two choices: Element, or Gaiam. Given that Element’s DVDs are usually priced about half what... Read More »

Tara Stiles This is Yoga

Tara Stiles: This is Yoga 4 DVD Set

This is Yoga. And this is Yoga with Tara Stiles: lovely scenery, a lithe, flexible former model as an instructor, and just enough encouragement to keep you sweating and breathing through every minute of the program. “The coolest Yoga... Read More »

Review of The Ultimate Yogi by Travis Eliot

“The Ultimate Yogi” Review – 12 DVD Set by Travis Eliot

Think you’ve seen everything there is to offer in the world of Yoga DVDs?  Feel like you could give Rodney Yee a run for his money, if only somebody would put you in front of the camera?  Then Travis... Read More »

Rodney Yee Yoga Burn DVD

Yoga Burn DVD Review

Rodney Yee has been creating yoga videos since the early 1990′s. A quick look through a chunk of his catalog reveals a huge array of filmed yoga sessions targeted at students of every level from total beginner to super-advanced.... Read More »

Intermediate Yoga DVDs

Intermediate Yoga is a little tough to describe. Where does intermediate end and advanced begin? It can be a fine line depending on your strengths and weaknesses. I’d say most people who have been practicing for a while are... Read More »

P90X Home Fitness Workout Program

P90X Yoga X DVD Review

P90X’s Yoga X P90X is an incredibly famous and successful at-home workout program. I didn’t start P90X because I was looking for a great yoga class. However, four days into my first try at doing the 90-day fitness-fest called... Read More »