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Amber Campion’s Yogaeira Review

Amber Campion’s Yogaeira Review

What is Yogaeira? Created by Amber Campion, Yogaeira is a blend of Vinyasa yoga, Thai bodywork, and Capoeira–a Brazilian martial art that is making its way across the globe as a fitness regime and performance art. This unique combination... Read More »

Yoga for Beginners by Barbara Benagh

Yoga for Beginners by Barbara Benagh

This gentle practice is lead by Barbara Benagh, a Boston-based yoga instructor who has been teaching since the 1970s. The beginning of the DVD includes an encouraging interview with Benagh in which she describes the some of the benefits... Read More »

Element Yoga for Energy and Relaxation DVD

Element: Yoga Energy and Relax

If you like a dose of beautiful scenery, a soothing soundtrack, and high quality cinematography accompanying your yoga workouts, then you pretty much have two choices: Element, or Gaiam. Given that Element’s DVDs are usually priced about half what... Read More »

Easy Yoga for Easing Pain DVD

Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Easing Pain with Peggy Cappy

A Yoga DVD from PBS? Indeed, Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga for the Rest of Us” series has done a fantastic job of bringing the health benefits of Yoga to – well, “the rest of us”, particularly energetic seniors but also... Read More »

Tara Stiles This is Yoga

Tara Stiles: This is Yoga 4 DVD Set

This is Yoga. And this is Yoga with Tara Stiles: lovely scenery, a lithe, flexible former model as an instructor, and just enough encouragement to keep you sweating and breathing through every minute of the program. “The coolest Yoga... Read More »

Yoga DVD for kids

Once Upon a Mat – Yoga DVD for Kids Ages 2.5+

In this era of ever-present distraction and childhood obesity, more and more parents are looking for ways to help their children enjoy the fitness and mindfulness benefits of a regular yoga practice, making the “Yoga for Kids” segment of... Read More »

Review of The Ultimate Yogi by Travis Eliot

“The Ultimate Yogi” Review – 12 DVD Set by Travis Eliot

Think you’ve seen everything there is to offer in the world of Yoga DVDs?  Feel like you could give Rodney Yee a run for his money, if only somebody would put you in front of the camera?  Then Travis... Read More »

Hot Yoga DVDs

Roundup: Hot Yoga DVDs

Hot Yoga at home? How would that work? If you know anything about the various hot yogas out there, then you know that the centerpiece of the hot yoga approach is the room in which you do the yoga–a... Read More »

Hatha Yoga DVDs

Years ago, I began my Yoga practice with Hatha Yoga in order to get a deeper stretch after my workouts. I fell in love with Yoga from day one and have never given up my practice since then (although... Read More »

Ashtanga Yoga DVDs

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga recorded by the sage Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, an ancient manuscript “said to contain lists of many different groupings of asanas, as well as highly original teachings on vinyasa, drishti,... Read More »

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