Chair Yoga DVDs

A good friend of mine teaches chair yoga in Seattle, and I’ve come to really appreciate the beauty and importance of chair yoga.

I haven’t personally tried any of these chair yoga DVDs, but I did want to share them in case you’re looking for a yoga program you can do at home within your current capabilities.

  • Ageless Yoga DVD Vol. 1Ageless Yoga Vol. 1John Schlorholtz leads this DVD of standing and seated practices. All the postures presented in this DVD are gentle and suitable for people who would like to maintain a mild yoga practice without any ground postures. Not everything presented on this DVD is chair yoga, but all of the exercises are gentle and low-impact.



    Chair Yoga DVDChair Yoga: A Seated Practice
    Ann Richmond leads this chair yoga practice for people who need a gentler approach to yoga. The practice on this DVD runs 25 minutes long.


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