Hatha Yoga DVDs

Years ago, I began my Yoga practice with Hatha Yoga in order to get a deeper stretch after my workouts. I fell in love with Yoga from day one and have never given up my practice since then (although admittedly I haven’t always been consistent).

I would highly recommend Hatha Yoga to anyone, but especially to beginners who are new to the asanas.Hatha Yoga main focus is on creating balance in the body and mind. It’s a gentle and harmonious practice, with enough time in each pose to really get into feeling and breathing into it. Yoga pose photo

The Hindu word Hatha expresses two opposite things,  it literally means SUN and MOON, and in the practice of Yoga Hatha combines the masculine and feminine experience of strenth with flexibility.

Regular practice of Hatha Yoga will bring you to inner peace, calmness, better breathing, and a better alignment of your left and right side, while improving your Circulatory, Digestive, Immune, Respiratory, and Nervous Systems.

I find that each Yoga style fits different personality types to perfection. Some people need an energetic and heat-inducing practice, others benefit from the flow of serenity that letting go and sitting in an asana bring. If you need a tranquil and heart centered practice I advise you to begin with Hatha Yoga, I know you’ll thank me for it!


  • Beginning Hatha Yoga DVD

    Yoga for Every Body

    This DVD is a great one to start your new yoga practice with. I loved it because it has 35 routines and covers all the basics; breathing, relaxing, and some more breathing. Believe me when I say that at the beginning of your yoga practice all you really need are some basic postures (asanas) and reminders to breathe properly!
  • The Power of Hatha Yoga - Beginner's SeriesThe Power of Hatha Yoga – Beginner Series
    Naader Shagagi has been a student of the great Yoga masters such as Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, Pir Murshed Hidayat, and Hazrat Inayat Khan since 1983, and has created a system of Yoga postures called the Yoga of Mystics, Curative Series. This is a mild and calming introduction to Hatha Yoga, where Naader takes you through the poses simply and without too much studio production. It doesn’t have the versatility of some other DVDs, meaning that it doesn’t have a variety of workouts to opt from, but it does take you through each asana and to the inner heart of Hatha where the meaning is just as important as the physical posture.
  • The Power of Hatha Yoga: Ultimate SeriesThe Power of Hatha Yoga: Ultimate Series
    This DVD build on the lessons taught in the two previous volumes in The Power of Hatha Yoga series. I would say that the Ultimate Level is for more advanced students. It is a 1.5 hours practice session; 40 minutes standing poses, a short rest, and then the remaining time in floor postures. The poses are not explained in detail because it assumes that you have a solid base already. I’ve been told that it resembles Bikram yoga, so if that is your particular style then definitely check out this DVD.


  • Power of Yoga Curative Series: Beginner - 30 minute experiencePower of Hatha Yoga CURATIVE Series: Beginner – 30 Minute Class Experience
    This is as indicated by the title, a half hour beginner experience that includes Pranayama breathing, three complete extended sun salutations, the half moon pose and a finishing meditation. This is the basics and beginning to all of the yoga practices so I would advise all beginners to grab themselves a copy of this one and perfect the basic asanas here.


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