Roundup: Hot Yoga DVDs

Hot Yoga DVDs

Hot Yoga at home? How would that work?

If you know anything about the various hot yogas out there, then you know that the centerpiece of the hot yoga approach is the room in which you do the yoga–a room heated up to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot Yoga DVDs

Obviously, at home, you’re going to be following along with your hot yoga DVDs minus the additional benefit of a hot room, but the sequences are still fun to do, and your at-home work can even bolster your performance the next time you show up to a hot yoga studio for class.

I know hot yoga isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I’ve noticed huge benefits from the periods of time I’ve spent attending hot yoga classes regularly.

While a DVD can’t really approximate the full hot yoga experience, I still recommend the DVD below:

  • The Barkan Method Hot Yoga DVDThe Barkan Method: Hot Yoga
    James Barkan leads this yoga practice based on the flows of hot yoga. This is an excellent DVD to have in your collection if you enjoy the actual poses from hot yoga in the Bikram style. While this DVD isn’t my favorite, it’s still solid, and it’s a must-have if you love hot yoga.
  • Hot Yoga Practice DVD
  • Hot Yoga – Sizzling Basics for Men and Women
    Not only are the hot hunks on the cover of this DVD hot, but so are the yoga routines. The guys really love hot yoga, and it is certainly a full-on practice that leaves you feeling like you really worked out. If you like working out with your hubby or main-man, then I would recommend you pick up this one and try it out together. It’s easy to follow but gets your blood going.
  • Bikram Yoga Hot YogaBikram Yoga
    Taught by the Guru behind Hot Yoga himself, this is a must if you are a fan of hot yoga. I personally like to get the traditional teachings behind the physical postures and so I very much enjoyed this DVD. Health, Personal Fulfillment and the spirituality behind the yoga are all touched on, so it’s a workout and more!, Inc

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