Intermediate Yoga DVDs

Intermediate Yoga is a little tough to describe. Where does intermediate end and advanced begin? It can be a fine line depending on your strengths and weaknesses. I’d say most people who have been practicing for a while are... Read More »

Advanced Yoga DVDs

As my yoga practice has deepened, I’ve begun searching out more rigorous poses and series. These DVDs are definitely not for beginners, but you don’t have to consider yourself an advanced yogi to jump in and work along with... Read More »

P90X Home Fitness Workout Program

P90X Yoga X DVD Review

P90X’s Yoga X P90X is an incredibly famous and successful at-home workout program. I didn’t start P90X because I was looking for a great yoga class. However, four days into my first try at doing the 90-day fitness-fest called... Read More »

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