Pilates DVDs

I know, I know–Pilates isn’t yoga. Totally different thing.

And while you’re right about that, I still wanted to include some great Pilates DVDs because, truth be told, I love Pilates just as much as I love yoga.Pilates DVDs

And if you’ve never benefited from the powerful core work that Pilates involves, then you’re in for a treat.
Here are a few selections of Pilates DVDs that you can try to see if you like Pilates. I’m only including Pilates DVDs that anyone can do with just a mat.

There are several wild contraptions that Pilates uses which most people don’t happen to have lying around the house.

If you’re interested in learning more, take a class at a Pilates studio and you’ll encounter sinister-looking torture devices that actually help you build your core muscles in a very low-impact manner.


  • Pilates for Pink Workout Donate to Breast CancerThe Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Workout
    Workout and feel good about it in more ways than one. When you use this DVD you are also supporting and helping to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research foundation. I really appreciate products that support good causes, so I highly recommend this one for your health library.



    • Pilates Complete for Everyone DVDPilates Complete for Everyone
      Here is the mother of all Pilates DVDs. Four hours of Pilates workouts for one low price. The routines pull from classic Pilates methodology, which prescribes a certain set of exercises that those with previous Pilates experience will instantly recognize.




    • Pilates for Beginners and Beyond DVD setPilates for Beginners and Beyond DVD Set
      This 3-disc set covers the fundamentals of Pilates mat work from several different angles. If you don’t know anything about Pilates, then you can start here to get a thorough grounding. I will warn you, however–if you’re already an experienced yoga practitioner or have any experience at all with Pilates already, then you’ll want to look elsewhere for a more interesting–and difficult–Pilates DVD.



    • Pilates 10 Minute Solution10 Minute Solution – Pilates Perfect Body
      This DVD targets everything; core, arms, legs, glutes, silhuette and finishes off with stretches. It’s good for all levels and who doesn’t want a 10 minute solution? If you want some quick results, although I wouldn’t count on only 10 minutes a day creating some, this DVD is a good one for you.






    And if you are into the contraptions, well, here is one that I like because it does a lot of stretching and massaging while getting your core muscles stronger.

    I’m a huge fan of massages, so this one is a great one for me! It’s pretty comfortable and super easy to use, and targets all the hard-to-reach core muscle groups, like your traps, lats, glutes and transverse abdominals, inner and outer thighs.

    I find it to be  a funky extra to my workouts.

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