Pregnancy Yoga DVDs

Pregnancy present plenty of new opportunities and challenges for expecting mothers, but yoga can still form part of every pregnant mother’s health routine.

There are, as with every category of yoga, plenty of DVD resources out there. These are some that appeal to me. Take a look and check them out!

    • Yoga Pregnancy DVDYoga PregnancyThis DVD includes both pre- and post-natal yoga workouts. This set of workouts is designed to be easy, accessible and gentle. If you’re at all daunted by the prospect of doing yoga while you’re pregnant, don’t be–this DVD makes it easy.




  • Summer Sanders’ Prenatal WorkoutIf you can only pick up one DVD to help you stay fit during your pregnancy, this is the one. The workouts change depending on which trimester you’re in, and they actually push you rather than coddle you like most of the prenatal workout videos out there.




  •  Prenatal Pilates DVD 10 Minute Solution10 Minute Solution: Prenatal PilatesPilates is supposed to be fantastic for pregnant moms-to-be, and this Prenatal DVD is good for all three trimesters. They are quick and easy workouts that are designed to stretch the core, buns and legs and keep you feeling energetic and fit during your entire pregnancy.





Baby Om Yoga for Mothers and BabiesaBaby Om – Yoga for Mothers and Babies
Now you can practice with your new bundle of joy and get the little one stretching. I love the name of this dvd! It includes four step-by-step classes for postpartum recovery and infant development, offers baby bonding exercises, nursing poses, and discusses postpartum depression. A must have for every new mother.

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