Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga for Your Week

Good: Beautiful scenery; great variety
Bad: Over by the time you're really getting into it
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I understand there is demand for shorter “convenience-sized Yoga”, but does Rodney Yee‘s latest “A.M. Yoga for Your Week” take the trend too far? Is it really possible to go from groggy, bleary-eyed morning-me to serene, bright-eyed post-yoga workout me in just 20 minutes? If anyone can take us on this journey, the venerable Rodney Yee and the talented production team at Gaiam are likely to have the best shot.

Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon makes for an inspirational backdrop. But more importantly, how do they build those perfectly flat platforms over uneven rock?

First off, AM Yoga for Your Week is a beautiful DVD to watch. Filmed on location in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the backdrop of undulating sandstone hills and deep blue lake is still nice to look at long after you stop paying attention to Rodney.

Each of the workout routines focuses on a specific genre of pose: Standing Poses, Twists, Backbends, Forward Bends, or Hip Openers, with a few other poses sprinkled in to ease warm-up or round out the workout. When you’re only spending 20 minutes on your routine, it makes sense to keep it focused. Moreover, I found this format really worked well for “prescriptive Yoga”. Eg, after a long day folded into an office chair, nothing feels better than loosening those muscles with 20 minutes of backbends. Or, you can prepare for say, a day of rock-climbing by spending 20 minutes on hip-openers first thing in the morning.

scenes from AM Yoga for your weekThere’s not a lot of time for explanation in this format, and while Rodney gives you a few suggestions from time to time, he doesn’t bother explaining positions, so this might not be the best yoga dvd for a complete beginner. If you know your way around some basic poses however, you’ll be able to keep up with all but a few of the poses in this series even if you’re a stiff and clumsy yoga newbie like me.

All in all I found that A.M. Yoga for your Week was a fantastic way to start the day. Although it’s not a completely comprehensive yoga routine, if you can spare only 20 minutes of quiet each day for your practice, this DVD will go a long way towards leaving you relaxed, focused, and energized for the day ahead!

Best for:
Yoga practitioners of any level looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning rather than a  complete yoga program.

Best Price:
$12 on Amazon



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Danny V.

I discovered Yoga about 2 years ago after following along with my girlfriend's home fitness routine. It seemed a nice compromise to bring peace to our evening workout routine: half the week, she would follow along with my strength routine (P90x, etc.), and the other half we would do Yoga. “Perfect for rest days”, I thought. Boy, was I wrong! View reviewer profile...

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