Yoga for Beginners by Barbara Benagh

Good: Multiple routines so that you can mix and match; great for beginners.
Bad: It moves slowly and may become monotonous over time; some might want more of a challenge.
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Yoga for Beginners

This gentle practice is lead by Barbara Benagh, a Boston-based yoga instructor who has been teaching since the 1970s. The beginning of the DVD includes an encouraging interview with Benagh in which she describes the some of the benefits of yoga. It’s a nice way to get to know her and the practice of yoga before you begin. She bases her sequences on Hatha yoga, which is a great foundation for any beginner.

Breaking Down the Basics

True to its name, this DVD is definitely for beginners. Benagh gives lots of alignment tips and takes each sequence very slowly. Basic poses like Downward Dog are broken down to give beginners a foundation of what the pose should feel like. Even Sun Salutations are slowed down and made easier with pose variations. The sequences will be strengthening and even challenging for those new to yoga, but not for seasoned practitioners.

The DVD offers multiple sequences–some are full-length practices that work the entire body, and others are targeted to strengthen certain areas. Again, this makes it perfect for beginners, because each person may need help in different areas. As one reviewer reports:

“I love the short workouts that isolate areas to strengthen as supplements to the longer workouts. As a beginner, having those short chunks has really helped me, and with several weeks of this program, and doing the backbend segment every other day, I have noticed that my lower back doesn’t hurt in the morning anymore.”

For True Beginners

More than half of the reviews on Amazon give this video a 5-star rating, so it’s very popular as a beginning yoga program. Only a few people complain that the sequences move too slowly to be interesting. Before buying this DVD, it’s up to you to decide how much of a beginner you are. If you’ve already had some experience with yoga, you may want to opt for something a bit more challenging.

Otherwise, it’s a good buy for those wanting to dip their toes into yoga without much up-front investment. Though some sequences are repeated, you get a total of 7 hours of yoga for less than the cost of a single class.

DVD Contents: 8 routines, plus 4 sections dedicated to teaching postures.

Getting Started: Targeted Routines

  • Gentle Unwind- 30 mins.
  • Letting Go of the Day- 25 mins.
  • Sun Salutations- 20 mins.
  • Standing Poses- 20 mins.
  • Strength & Balance- 20 mins.
  • Backbends- 10 mins.
  • Seated Hip Openers- 30 mins.

As You Progress

  • Basics: Wonderful Place to Start- 70 mins.
  • Energizing: Wake Up Your Body & Mind- 40 mins.
  • Strength: Challenging Extended Routine- 70 mins.
  • Rejuvenate: When You Need to Catch Your Breath- 30 mins.
  • Quieting: Great for the Evening- 55 mins.


Conclusion: This DVD is a great bargain for beginners. After some experience with yoga, you may want to move on to something more challenging.

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Sarah Baldwin

Sarah is a writer based out of Southern Indiana who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. With a focus on natural wellness, she adores writing about all things healthy and whole. Her herbalism blog, Moonflower Musings, can be found at

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