Yoga Christmas Gift Ideas for Aspiring Yogis and Yoginis

Yoga Christmas Gift Ideas for Aspiring Yogis and Yoginis

There is nothing like yoga, once you’ve been introduced to the magic it produces for your figure and your emotional well being, you will be unable to give it up; in fact, it can be downright addicting! If your loved one has recently become a yogi or yogini, it is highly unlikely they are going to stop anytime soon, therefore a yoga-related gift will truly make them happy, for more than just a few moments! Here are 8 Christmas gifts any aspiring yogi or yogini will greatly appreciate.

  1. Aurorae Yoga Mat



    I practice on this Aurorae yoga mat myself and I absolutely love it! A good mat is key to practicing yoga; if your mat is too slippery or too thin it will mess up your practice. Even if you already have a mat, more than one is good because they do wear out. This mat comes in a variety of colors, more than many other brands, for unlimited options!




     2. Cork Yoga Blocks 

    Blocks are great, while they are often falsely seen as a cheating tool they will actually increase the intensity of your stretches. When you use the blocks you are able to go deeper into your poises, teaching you how the poises should feel in your body while actually increasing flexibility. Blocks are a must for beginners, but they can also help someone who’s been practicing yoga for a while. These cork blocks made by Hugger Mugger step it up in terms of quality, as many blocks are made of far less durable materials and sale for nearly the same price.



    3. Yoga Strap 

    These yoga straps help push you into a deeper stretch, forcing your body to work harder. Many yoga classes use these straps regularly to increase strength and overall ability. Therefore, it might be a surprise that most new yogis do not have a strap of their own, help your yoga-loving friend out in more ways than one with an affordable yoga strap.








    4. Gaiam Printed Yoga Mat Bag 


    Gaiam is one of the largest and most popular yoga brands, therefore one of their bags is sure to be a hit with the yogi in your life. A yoga bag is so useful; it protects your yoga mat and allows easier transportation of one’s yoga things to and from class. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a new bag of any kind?






    5. Rosin Bag For Yoga Mat 

    Gift a bag of rosin alone or alongside a new mat, I love this stuff—it makes my yoga practice a lot more sure-footed! Before practicing, simply rub the rosin bag around on your mat, the bottom of your feet, and even the palms of your hands. This will make a new mat less slippery or an old mat even more reliable! It really helps keeping your hands from slipping, which is never fun when you are in downward dog. At under $8 this is rosin bag makes for a superb stocking stuffer.






    6. Hard Tail Yoga Pants 

    Hard Tail yoga pants not only last for a long time, they also make practicing yoga more comfortable! The high quality threads make one feel like they have nothing on. These shorter pants that are calf-huggers will be completely out of the way while your loved one flows through the motions of their yoga practice. These pants full-price at a store like Nordstrom will run you close to $100, the prices offered on Amazon are much more affordable—but your yogi won’t have to know that!





    7. Great Yoga Music Mix-Tape 

    In most yoga studios there is appropriate music playing in the background, making it easier for one to shift out of the real world and into a more peaceful, meditative one. Yet after your yogi or yogini practices a couple times under guided instruction, they are going to be ready to try some moves at home. To help them get into the rhythm and escape reality, offer your friend or family member this mix CD full of meditative and electronic-based tunes. 






    8.  Yoga “Om” Inspired Pendant 

    If you are unsure what yoga gear your yoga-lover already has, it might be best to stick with something relative to yoga, but something that they definitely don’t already have! This sterling silver Om Pendant necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to gift anyone with a passion for yoga. For at the end of every yoga practice, you send out 3 Oms to the universe for world peace and healing. While wearing this necklace, one will be reminded of the yogi mission: to spread understanding and love while leaving behind any judgments of yourself and others, even when miles away from any yoga studio.

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