Yoga DVDs by Barbara Benagh

Barbara Benagh is a popular yoga teacher from England who now makes her home in Boston.

Her style is gentle and fun while still being rigorous.

And her story is very unassuming–she was initially uninterested in yoga despite her hippy background in early 1970′s London.

However, a series of serendipitous events led her to begin practicing yoga, after which her practice deepened over several years of studying with different teachers in and around London.

Eventually, she and her family moved to Boston, and she began teaching yoga classes there in the early 1980′s.

Her soft approach and 30+ years of experience make Barbara Benagh an excellent yoga teacher to learn from via her large selection of DVDs.


  • Yoga for Beginners DVDYoga for Beginners
    The eight routines on Yoga for Beginners focus on increasing your flexibility and developing your core strength.Soothing background music helps you to relax and ease into your new yoga adventure. In the background, a beach and the ocean transport you out of whatever workday hustle and bustle you bring to your yoga mat. Barbara guides you gently and skillfully–even if you’ve never before done yoga, you’ll find yourself right at home thanks to Barbara’s guidance and expertise.


  • Barbara Benagh Yoga for Stress Relief DVDYoga for Stress Relief
    This DVD presents a bunch of different yoga sessions you can use to start your day, decompress after your work day or even relax before heading to bed.Additionally, Barbara addresses common stress points in the body with specific yoga series that target the neck and shoulders, the stressed-out mind or the digestive system. If you know stress intimately and are looking for a way to relax, then this DVD is for you.


  • AM/PM Yoga for Beginners DVDAM and PM Yoga for Beginners
    This DVD, by the same company that produced Barbara’s Yoga for Stress Relief DVD, offers up a similar presentation of many different yoga series from which you can pick and choose.The AM sequences present possibilities for every type of morning you could want to have, from a gentle mostly seated routine through full sun salutations to a more rigorous 45-minute morning wake-up series. 

    The PM sequences also vary from a quick and easy 10-minute rest routine to a 40-minute nighttime series designed to energize your body and relax your mind.

    Another great yoga DVD from Barbara Bernagh.

  • Power Yoga for Every Body DVDPower Yoga for Every Body
    Barbara Benagh narrates the yoga sequences in this DVD, which anyone of any level in yoga can use profitably. Jason Gordon demonstrates the sequences, which form a type of Vinyasa yoga called “Slow Flow.” The movements flow from one into the other slowly and smoothly.The slow pace may not be to everyone’s liking, but this DVD is fantastic both because of the high quality of the instruction and also because of the sheer variety of the sequences available. This is a great DVD to grow into. You start with what you can handle and then eventually graduate to the more difficult sequences available.
  • Yoga for Athletes DVDYoga for Athletes
    Here is an interesting offering by Barbara Benagh–a DVD geared for athletes who want to incorporate the health and flexibility benefits of yoga into their training regimen.Overall, this isn’t my favorite of Barbara’s DVDs, but it’s still a good one if you’re an athlete looking to bring some yoga into your life. Eventually, if you find you really love doing yoga, you’ll definitely want to move on to other DVDs that treat yoga in more detail, but this DVD did get an Editor’s Choice award from Yoga Journal. It’s very high quality with a wide variety of different routines you can pull into your life depending on what you’re needing and how much time you have.
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