Yoga DVDs by Baron Baptiste

Baron Baptiste makes some of the most popular yoga DVDs currently available.

People love his engaging, intense style as well as his thorough presentation of the most important aspects of yoga.

Baron has been teaching for over twenty years and is a leader and catalyst in the realm of personal growth.

His experience is not just in yoga teaching but life transformation, self-development and yoga philosophy. This translates into his teaching and I find it very refreshing.

In 2006 Yoga Journal Magazine said: “If there were a royal family of American yoga, Baron Baptiste would certainly be a prince.” This is just a selection of some of his many yoga DVDs.

You won’t go wrong with any of the DVDs I list here.


  • Baron Baptiste: Transform Your Life Yoga DVDTransform Your Life: Yoga with Baron Baptiste
    Ready to transform your life? This is a yoga bootcamp, where 40 strangers, all complete beginners, go to the island paradise of Maui for a week of intense joyful ‘suffering’- You get to see it all- from deep yoga sessions, meditation, a cleansing diet to personal breakthroughs and complete transformations. If you’re new to yoga and are looking for a routine plus inspiration this DVD is the perfect one to begin with. Watch how the combined practices of asanas, diet and meditation can impact your life in a very real and deep way.



  • Yoga DVD by Baron BaptisteBaron Baptiste’s Foundations of Power Vinyasa Yoga
    I particularly like Baron Baptiste, not only because he is obviously a great and very experienced teacher, but because he also focuses on the spiritual benefits of each pose. This is a 85 minute class in which he emphasizes on form and correct foundation. If you’re already quite fit and strong then this is the one for you, as some of the poses can be demanding. Baron Baptiste has been practicing yoga since childhood, and yes, you can tell.



  • Journey Into Power: Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
    Don’t have too much time today? Then this is the one for you; 30 minutes long and with a quick flowing pace that is easy to follow. I would recommend this one for those of you who already have a foundation in Vinyasa Yoga and are looking for a quick and moderately intense session.




  • Baron Baptiste: Unlocking Athletic Power – Power Vinyasa Yoga Live!
    Baron Baptiste is definitely one of my favorite yoga teachers and one of the reasons is because he delivers. Spiritual practice, intense workouts and proper posture, it’s all there. This DVD is no different, it’s aimed at intermediate level students and is great for a short but rather intense power session. Just under 30 minutes, grab this DVD on those days when time is of the essence.




  • Baron Baptiste Live - Core PowerBaron Baptiste Live – Core Power
    This is another one in the “Live” series, and it continues the style of short and brisk power sessions. Krisna Das is the musical background, which is a plus for me. The DVD moves through the routines of Sun Salutations and essential asanas, leaving you energized and warmed up but without being extremely difficult. Another great pick for the days you can’t do the full 60-90 minute flow.




  • Baron Baptiste Yoga Journal: Great InstructorsYoga Journal: Great Instructors (Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn)
    An absolute must get DVD for everyone out there. It consists of 3 DVDs, and not only targets flexibility and strength, but also emotional balance. Filmed live at the Annual Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference, it’s not only a heart-pumping practice, but also a journey through your mind-body-spirit connection that is focused on awakening your intuition and life purpose. The DVD includes a bonus chanting and meditation session that is great for the end of your practice session. It also features Seane Corn, who is known for incorporating the spiritual aspect of yoga in her very dynamic practices.  This is absolutely my favourite ‘well-rounded’ yoga dvd.


  • Baron Baptiste's Power Yoga Level 3Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga Level 3
    Personally an Ashtanga girl myself, I recommend this DVD for those of you interested in learning this style of yoga. It is a 45 minute routine that presents a nice balance of very detailed pose instruction. He cues on where to focus your eyes, breathing techniques and the internal mudras (body locks). It is less traditional Ashtanga and more power yoga session, and I would recommend you have some background or knowledge of yoga, as the routines are rather fast paced.
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