Yoga DVDs by David Swenson

    I love love love David Swenson, and his DVDs are some of my favorite ones to practice with. His asanas are always absolutely stunning in their perfection and elegance and he’s hands down one of the best teachers out there.
    He’s been practicing since 1969, and is today known as one of the world’s foremost practitioners and teachers of Ashtanga Yoga.
    David Swenson Ashtanga 

    He travels the world giving classes from Singapore to Italy to New York and if you get a chance to attend one of his classes in person count yourself fortunate. I haven’t yet, but I sure want to someday soon.

    I recommend any and all of his DVDs and would also recommend his fantastic book on Ashtanga where each asana is described in detail for its benefits and its various modifications are shown. It has different sequences in the back of the book so you can choose according to how much time you have available.


  • Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice--First Series With David SwensonAshtanga Yoga: The Practice–First Series With David Swenson If you don’t know David Swenson then now is the time to pick up one of his DVDs, he is absolutely awesome. His asanas are perfection, his alignment is unparalleled and I just love his teaching. This DVD includes the complete first series of Ashtanga Yoga as well as a 30 minute introduction to the foundations of the practice. It is a beginner DVD although I would recommend you are either relatively fit or have some prior knowledge of yoga as Ashtanga can be challenging. That being said, don’t let it scare you away, as alternative poses are always offered and David encourages you to sit out the vinyasas if you become tired.
  • Practice Ashtanga Yoga DVD With David SwensonYoga Short Forms: The Practice of Ashtanga Yoga
    David Swenson DVDs, like the books, give you options for sequences based on how much time you have to dedicate to your practice. 90 minute sessions aren’t always possible and here David gives 15, 30, and 45-minute options for a well-rounded practice. Precise and full-powered blasts of ashtanga sequences to make sure you don’t miss a day.



  • Ashtanga Yoga: Advanced A & B Series by David SwensenAshtanga Yoga: Advanced A & B Series by David Swensen
    Exquisite is all I can say. Filmed in Maui and set to music this is an amazing feast for the eyes and soul. David will take you through the original Advanced A and B Series as demonstrated by some of it’s first Western practitioners. It is not an instructional dvd, but will show you what you can accomplish with much dedication and discipline. Everyone in the dvd is over 50 years old and look amazing–sure inspires you to stay with your practice!

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