Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Easing Pain with Peggy Cappy

Good: Brings the health benefits of Yoga to the group that needs it most
Bad: Those looking for a serious cardio workout, or beautiful scenery and production value, will want to look elsewhere
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Easy Yoga for Easing Pain DVD

Peggy Cappy is a specialist in making Yoga accessible to folks who might not consider themselves “Yogi material”.

A Yoga DVD from PBS? Indeed, Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga for the Rest of Us” series has done a fantastic job of bringing the health benefits of Yoga to – well, “the rest of us”, particularly energetic seniors but also the less flexible, overweight, or pretty much anyone else who doesn’t consider themselves an athlete, but is still interested in experiencing the incredible benefits of Yoga for both mind and body.

Like others in the “Yoga for the Rest of Us” series, Easy Yoga for Easing Pain focuses on slow-paced stretching movements and correct breathing. Cappy provides plenty of explanation to guide beginners in a soothing yet encouraging tone that seems to be mandatory for PBS productions.

Though I myself am not in the target group for this DVD, reviews of Easy Yoga for Easing Pain on Amazon include many glowing endorsements from seniors in their 60s and beyond who were introduced to Yoga through this series and speak very highly of its benefits to their health, fitness, and happiness.

For example, Jane R. writes:

“[Peggy Cappy] makes yoga accessible to all–including people who’ve practiced it for years, but also those like me, who never did yoga until discovering her work.”

Katz, another reviewer, echoes the praise of many when she writes:

“I am a sixty-four year old who walks every day and tries to stay healthy for my grandchildren. I did the first exercise of stretching and quickly felt the results in my body, [recognizing] how out of shape I really was. Knowing walking alone just [doesn’t] cut it, that I needed to relax those muscles as Peggy talks about. I love the meditation at the end, it is truly a great DVD for anyone who is beginning in Yoga as I am. I would say get this DVD and you will love it!”

Anyone can do Yoga postures!As for the DVD’s claims to help reduce chronic pain, some (including numerous research studies!) might argue that any yoga practice, done consistently, will bring similar benefits in fighting chronic pain (by improving circulation, increasing flexibility, and ridding the body of toxins, among other benefits). However, this DVD shines in its accessibility to those most likely to be suffering from recurring pain (seniors), and in its emphasis on stretching and meditation, the two aspects of yoga most likely to lead to the increased mindfulness and more flexible body that has liberated many from a lifetime of pain.

The DVD Includes 4 Parts:

  • Seated exercises and yoga poses for the upper body.
  • Seated exercise and yoga poses for the lower body.
  • Standing yoga sequence for the hips and legs, with the aid of a chair if needed.
  • Relaxation and meditation.

In addition, there are 3 Bonus mini-programs to further the focus on Easy Yoga for Easing Pain:

Resistance Band Exercise, using stretchy bands to both warm-up and strengthen core muscles in your shoulders, upper back, and chest.
Bounce and Shake, a tried-and-true, simple exercise from Qi Gong that is fun, easy, and has the ability to generate energy throughout your body.
Documentary: Meet Peggy’s real-life students whose aches and pains were eased with the introduction of a simple yoga routine.

Easy Yoga for Easing Pain – Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD Contents

Track Title/Description Time

  1. Introduction 6:20
  2. Part 1: Upper Body: Seated Exercises and Yoga Poses 11:30
  3. Part 2: Lower Body: Seated Exercises and Yoga Poses 14:34
  4. Part 3: Standing Yoga Sequence for the Hips and Legs 18:44
  5. Part 4: Relaxation and Meditation 9:31
  6. Bonus - Resistance Band Exercises 13:38
  7. Bonus – Bounce and Shake 4:54
  8. Bonus – Documentary: Easing Pain Through Yoga 37:30

Conclusion: An excellent Yoga DVD for the elderly or others who might find the typical Yoga DVD too challenging or too intimidating. If you value accessibility more than pretty scenery or fancy graphics, this is the DVD for you! Ultimately, any DVD that enables you to ‘keep pushing play” and commit to bringing Yoga into your life will bring tremendous wellness benefits, regardless of how much you sweat, or how ripped the instructor is.

Best Price: $15 on Amazon

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Danny V.

I discovered Yoga about 2 years ago after following along with my girlfriend's home fitness routine. It seemed a nice compromise to bring peace to our evening workout routine: half the week, she would follow along with my strength routine (P90x, etc.), and the other half we would do Yoga. “Perfect for rest days”, I thought. Boy, was I wrong! View reviewer profile...

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